Importance Of Photo Eye Sensors To Your Garage Door

When it comes to buying a garage door, you must consider its features. The overhead doors play a vital role in storing your vehicle and other necessary material. Nowadays, the modern garage doors come with a variety of features which enable maximum safety. Photo-eye is one of the most crucial elements that reduce the risk […]

5 Signs You Should Consider For Garage Door Repair Service

Undoubtedly, the best quality garage door remains last for maximum 10 to 15 years. At one point, your garage door starts to show the problems in its mechanisms. Sometimes the problems appear when its internal components are worn out or its moving parts become older. On the other side, if your garage door has gone […]

Five Smart Tips To Manage Noisy Garage Door

Undoubtedly, a well functioning garage door ensures safety and efficiency. It gives peace to the mind to an owner that everything is going well. However, the door becomes a matter to consider when it releases noise. The irritating noise appears when you open and close your garage door, indicates for the problem may be occurring […]

Torsion & Extension – How These Garage Door Springs Work

A garage door is made of complex mechanism where small to big each component is necessary to keep it functional. In these all components, the two most important door springs are torsion and extension. Though these both springs do the same job, but operate in the different manner. Unfortunately, if your garage door any springs […]

5 All-Time Garage Door Maintenance Tips To Follow

Garage doors are one of the heaviest doors that are installed to provide safety and protection to your vehicle. They are costly investments and needs to be maintained regularly to prevent costly repairs. No matter, which overhead door model you have installed, it is important to clean and lubricate it often. When it comes to […]

Four Tips You Should Consider Before Buying A Garage Door

Do you want to install a garage door? Before you go to buy a garage door, you need to consider some important factors. You must be thinking to install a new door more attractive and functional to easily operate. Whether you are going to install a garage door for residential or commercial purpose, you should […]

The Best Materials For Garage Door

It is important to choose the right material for a garage door. It will ensure that your overhead door performs for years to come without causing you any trouble. While choosing the material, make sure it perfectly meets your need, home style and design. There are a variety of materials available in the market. Every […]

Hot Garage Door Trends For Summers 2018

When it comes to enhancing your home appeal and value, modern garage doors play a great role. Since they are large enough to be witnessed at the first sight, these doors can do wonders for your property’s aesthetic appeal. With the oncoming of summers, don’t settle for a dull or boring overhead door and freshen […]

How to Improve The Security Of Your Garage Door

Garage doors play a vital role in keeping your home and belongings safe and secure. We all want to save ourselves from any unforeseen situation. But what if your home is not as safe as you think? Most of the people don’t pay much heed towards their garage door. They often ignore that a garage […]